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Financial Clarity

What is a Virtual CFO?

A Virtual CFO is a Chief Financial Officer that is outsourced remotely on a part-time basis. Importantly, a Virtual CFO is all about the cloud.  A virtual CFO uses cloud technology to provide efficient, productive, real-time financial advice.

Why use a Virtual CFO?

“Many businesses fail because of poor financial decisions.  Don’t let you businesses fail.  Use the help of a virtual financial professional.”

A key advantage of using a Virtual CFO is that you have access to a high level financial professional at the fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. Using cloud technology that service is available to you at anytime and anywhere.  Information is provided to you in real-time so that you can make informed and smart decisions now.

Business Planning and Strategy

What is the vision for your business? Where do you want to get too?

Lotus Amity can facilitate the business planning process with you and your team.  We will work with you to clarify your vision and build your strategy. We will work with you to establish the value drivers in your organisation.

  • Who are you key customers and suppliers and what is your competitive advantage?
  • Will you have any contracts in place?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are your anticipated revenues streams and profitability from each product, service and customer?
  • Do you have a point of difference, a unique selling point?
  • What structure will your organisation take?
  • What are your management and staffing requirements? What are you anticipated operating, overhead and infrastructure costs?
  • Do you have cash flow projections?
  • What is your breakeven point?
  • How long will it take to get there?
  • How are you financing the initial stages and how are you covering those finance costs?
  • Do you have flexibility in your plan and can you adapt to different scenarios?

Lotus Amity can assist you in preparing business plans for internal purposes, to meet the banks requirements or to provide to potential investors.

Financing and Capital Raising

How are you going to finance your new or current venture? Do you have a loan facility set up with your bank? Are you bringing in equity partners or contemplating issuing debt?

Lotus Amity can explain to you some of your options.  We will assess what would be the most viable and efficient financing structure.

We can prepare loan applications for you and liaise with the banks.  We can put together the information the bank will need, such as a business plan, cash flow projections, budgets and forecasts.

If you are looking to raise equity finance, we can prepare an investment memorandum and identify and approach investors on your behalf.

Risk Management and Controls

What systems and controls do you have in place? Are you comfortable that your organisation has minimised its exposure to fraud or are there control weaknesses that make a theft or financial manipulation likely? Do the controls you have in place ensure efficiency? Are there unnecessary controls in place that are holding business back?

Lotus Amity can provide you with a full or specific area control review.  We can document the processes you have, compare them to recommended best practice, identify the gaps and make recommendations for improvement.

Key areas we can help you in include:

  • Understanding and minimising key areas of the company’s risk profile
  • Prepare and review reliable control systems
  • Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies
  • Report risk issues to the relevant bodies
  • Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations
Accounting and Financial Reporting

Who is preparing your accounting records?  Are they suitably qualified? Can they also prepare accurate and useful monthly management accounts and performance reports? Can they track performance against budgets and ascertain strengths and weaknesses?

Lotus Amity can assist you in the full spectrum of accounting and reporting services: bank reconciliations, sales and purchase ledger reconciliations, stock take reconciliations, fixed asset registers, treasury services, adhering to accounting standards, preparing monthly management accounts, preparing financial statements, budgeting and forecasting and preparing for an audit.


Performance Improvement

How is your business performing? Are you on target? Do you have any targets? Which products and services are profitable and which ones aren’t? What are the value drivers in your business? Are you maximising your cash flow and minimising your debts? Are you making the most efficient use of your assets?

Lotus Amity can help you understand where your business is at, how it is performing and which areas are high performers and which need improving.

We can provide you with a full performance analysis with a range of performance indicators. We can provide you with industry benchmarks to help you understand how and where you can improve.



Seeking to grow your business? Through organic growth or acquisition?

Lotus Amity can help.  We provide strategic and business planning services, marketing and brand development, three way forecasting and HR consulting. If you are considering an acquisition, we develop an acquisition strategy. We identify potential targets, advise on valuation and pricing, carry out due diligence and assist in negotiations.

Organic Growth

Developing current products or identifying new products and services? Selling more products or new products to current customers or identifying new customers? How can you leverage your competitive advantage? Can you secure supplier exclusivity? Can you retain outstanding staff? How strong is your brand?

Lotus Amity can help you grow your business.  We can facilitate the development of a strategic and marketing plan and support you in implementing that plan.  We can assist you in preparing budgets and forecasts, identify resource requirements such as staffing and infrastructure, assist in brand and business development.

Acquisition Growth

Are you looking at buying a business? Buyer beware! Are you prepared? How much should you pay? What are the pitfalls? Are there any skeletons in the closet? Should you buy the shares or the business? What is the goodwill made up of? Is it worth it? How is the goodwill going to be transferred? Are the seller and key staff going to stay on after the acquisition? How are you going to finance the deal?

Lotus Amity guide you through the process.  We identify suitable targets, provide and manage a full due diligence process, we work closely with all the internal and external parties, negotiate the best deal on your behalf and ensure that is reflect in the SPA, we can assist you in the best way to fund the acquisition and importantly help in the post acquisition integration.

Virtual CFO Services

“From strategic advice, assisting with valuations and reviewing our data room, Lotus Amity have significantly helped us through the challenging process of raising capital.  I would highly recommend Lotus Amity to any start-up who is looking for financial growth and clarity.” 

Lotus Amity are an active strategic and business partner.  As our clients are small businesses and startups, we provide a hands-on, sleeves rolled-up approach. We interpret the financial information practically for you. We suggest measures to control expenditure and cash, raise capital and improve value.

Control. As Virtual CFO we are responsible for accurately reporting the company’s financial information in a timely manner. We track your income, expenses and cash and meet with you monthly to discuss your current and future financial position.

Treasury. As Virtual CFO we assist in raising equity and debt and advise on how that money should most efficiently invested.

Future. As Virtual CFO we look at the company’s financial future and assists with forecasting and financial modelling.

As Virtual CFO we can also assist you with administrative, IT, marketing, HR  and legal aspects of the company.

“With Lotus Amity Virtual CFO start-ups and small businesses can have the same dedication and attention to their finances of a CFO without having to hire an expensive full time CFO. We can help you understand your finances and invest them efficiently to make sure you have a profitable business.”



Understanding your business and equity valuation can be important, particularly if you are looking to raise capital.  You may also have IP or trademarks that need valuing. We have been involved in many valuations including valuing the following:

  • Wholesale distributor of outdoor leisure products, for a share acquisition
  • Accounting practices, for partner disputes and refinancing purposes
  • Corporate advisory business, for restructuring purposes
  • Real estate business, to assist in valuing exiting members
  • Data compression technology business, to assist in a transaction
  • Publication business, to assist in a transaction
  • Mortgage broking businesses, for bank finance
  • Investment broking business, for bank finance
  • Investment management company, for tax purposes
  • Intellectual property of a university spin out, for restructuring
  • Electrical distribution business, to assist in a transaction
  • Fabrication business, for a potential transaction
  • Component distribution business, for a potential transaction
  • Car dealerships, for restructuring purposes
  • Engineering businesses, for refinance purposes
  • Conferencing business, to assist parties in negotiations
  • Drilling business, for restructuring purposes
  • Radiology business, per the requirement of the shareholder’s agreement
  • Legal practice, for valuing the shares of exiting partners
  • Jewelry retailer, for a matrimonial dispute
  • Supermarkets, for banking finance purposes
  • Advertising business, to assist in a transaction
  • Piggery, to assist in the transfer of shareholdings and obtaining funding


Financial reporting

Financial Reporting

We have assisted many businesses in providing a CFO service. Clients have included:

  • Engineering start-up – providing management accounting and financial reporting
  • Tech start-up – providing accounting records, accounting software and systems setting up
  • University bio-tech spin outs –  providing forecasting and management accounting
  • Recruitment start-up – providing management reporting and forecasting for investors
  • Hotel business – providing new accounting software implementation and reporting systems improvement
Transaction support

Transaction Support

Experience in providing transaction services and due diligence, have include the following transactions:

  • Engineering business, trade sale advice
  • Advertising business, trade sale advice
  • Business services company, acquisition strategy and trade sale advice
  • Industrial business, trade sale to ASX listed company
  • Tyre distribution business, acquisition due diligence
  • Bedding manufacturer, acquisition due diligence
  • Restaurant, trade sale advice
  • Drilling business, trade sale to UK listed company
  • Car dealership, trade sale advice
  • Car rental business, business development services
  • International drinks manufacturer, advising on acquisition
  • Contract cleaning business, acquisition advisory
Risk Control


  • Large international telecommunications business –  major control risk review and assessment with improvement implementation plan
  • National Parks Trust – control review, particularly around cash control, with improvement plans set out
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity planning