Why lotus amity for
Business valuation?

Valuation Experience

Lotus Amity have a wide range of valuation experience. Providing valuation in transactions, in disputes, for restructuring, for the ATO and for financing. Valuation have been provided in a wide range of industries, including: health, IT, retail, distribution, transport, media, telecommunications, real estate, manufacturing, leisure and professional practices, such as law firms and accounting practices.

Valuation are provided for a range of business sizes with a turnover from $1m to $100m and at different stages of their lifecyle, from start-ups to owners looking to exit.

Valuation are not limited exclusively to the valuation of the business. Lotus Amity also value equity, minority and controlling interests, goodwill and intellectual property.

Valuation experience in transactions

  • Wholesale distributor of outdoor leisure products, for a share acquisition
  • Real estate business, to assist in valuing exiting members
  • Data compression technology business, to assist in a transaction
  • Publication business, to assist in a transaction
  • Electrical distribution business, to assist in a transaction
  • Fabrication business, for a potential transaction
  • Component distribution business, for a potential transaction
  • Conferencing business, to assist parties in negotiations
  • Radiology business, per the requirement of the shareholder’s agreement
  • Legal practice, for valuing the shares of exiting partners
  • Advertising business, to assist in a transaction

Valuation experience in disputes

  • Accounting practices, for partner disputes and refinancing purposes
  • Jewelry retailer, for a matrimonial dispute
  • Piggery, to assist in the transfer of shareholdings and obtaining fund in Valuation in disputes
  • Partner dispute. Valuation of a food wholesaler and retailer to assist partners in a dispute and fairly exit the business.
  • Minority oppression. Valuation of an air-conditioning business to assist the minority shareholder claiming damages for oppression.
  • Family shareholder dispute. Valuation of a vineyard under the terms of the shareholder agreement to assist the exist of the brother.
  • Share portfolio valuation. In relation to the matrimonial pool of assets, valuing a large range of shares and options in low volume traded stocks, with influential holdings.
  • Matrimonial dispute Business valuation. In relation to the pool of assets, the valuation of a family owned livestock trucking business.

Valuation experience for restructuring and ATO

  • Corporate advisory business, for restructuring purposes
  • Investment management company, for tax purposes
  • Intellectual property of a university spin out, for restructuring
  • Car dealerships, for restructuring purposes
  • Drilling business, for restructuring purposes

Valuation experience for financing

  • Mortgage broking businesses, for bank finance
  • Investment broking business, for bank finance
  • Engineering businesses, for refinance purposes
  • Supermarkets, for banking finance purpose
  • Valuation of a tech start-up to assist in the first rounds of fund raising

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