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How to Sell a Business?

Business Sale Consulting Services … “creating value for you”

Are you considering at some point existing your business or divesting part of your business? How are you going to do and whom are you going to sell too?

Lotus Amity can help. We provide a confidential, comprehensive and controlled lead advisory service. We test to see if your business is really ready for sale and advise what needs to be done to get it ready for a sale. We advise on value, value drivers and potential sales pitfalls.

We prepare an information memorandum and sales teaser document. We identify potential buyers locally and internationally and approach those buyers in a confidential and timely manner, in order to create a competitive bid process. We coordinate the due diligence process, negotiate on your behalf, advise on agreement terms and close the deal.

The advantages for you to using Lotus Amity for selling your business include:

  • Confidential discreet service. Essential so your competitors, suppliers, customers and staff are not aware of the process.  If word leaks out that you are selling, it can be disruptive to the business, for example, employees may feel concerned and leave and competitors may start poaching clients.
  • Professional advisory approach. Selling your business can be a long, emotional and time intensive process.  Lotus Amity looks after the whole process for you, so you can concentrate on running your business.
  • Assess whether you are ready to sell. We will first review your business and identify issues that need resolving before going to market.  We will also identify areas that could be improved to increase the market value and issues that could be deal breakers.
  • Defined plan. As the sales process progresses discussions can become frustratingly protracted. Time can be wasted and the business operations can suffer as a consequence. We provide a defined plan and timeframe for parties to agree and stick to, to ensure the process moves along in a timely manner and the parties understand their responsibilities.
  • Competitive bid process.  We will identify potential buyers, locally and internationally as well as potential private and institutional investors.  We aim to get as many as possible bidders in the process to maximise the sales price.
  • Co-ordinated due diligence. We initially carry out internal due diligence on your business and put together essential documents.  We can then set up a secure data centre and assemble the information. We deal with the many questions that the buying team ask.
  • Negotiations. We assist in the negotiations to ensure you understand what you are agreeing to and that you get the best deal.
  • Contract and completion.  We can advise you on the practical terms of the memorandum of understanding and sales and purchase agreement.  We can assist in the completion process and ensure that the parties exchange.

Transaction Experience

Past engagements, providing lead advisory services and due diligence, have include the following transactions:

  • Engineering business, trade sale
  • Advertising business, trade sale advice
  • Business services company, acquisition strategy and trade sale advice
  • Industrial business, trade sale to ASX listed company
  • Tyre distribution business, acquisition due diligence
  • Bedding manufacturer, acquisition due diligence
  • Restaurant, trade sale advice
  • Drilling business, trade sale to UK listed company
  • Car dealership, trade sale advice
  • Car rental business, business development services
  • International drinks manufacturer, advising on acquisition
  • Contract cleaning business, acquisition advisory