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Tech valuations

Tech valuations

A key focus on tech valuations is understanding the business story and the intellectual property. What is the potential total market value for the industry and what percentage of the market can the business realistically expect to achieve? How long will it take to become profitable?  What is the growth curve? What are the components of the intellectual property and what is an appropriate way to value the intellectual property.  See

Often tech valuations are required to raise capital and so the question is more about what price can we expect an investor to buy in at. Price is a function of supply and demand, mood, momentum, and appetite in the market. Key tech valuation issues become what price have shareholders invested at before, what is the appetite for investment, are there comparable investments.

Tech valuation engagements have included the:

  • Valuation engagements have included the valuation of $100 million+ intellectual property relating to automated operating processes and developed applications within the building industry for a restructure and stamp duty, valuation of intellectual property developed by a university spin-out relating to investing and the valuation of a data compression technology business to assist in a potential transaction.
  • Valuation of a technology company providing a marketplace for auto services including retail and fleet servicing; valuation required for the ATO in relation to undertaking a buy-back of Employee Share Scheme Shares and to issue new shares
  • Valuation and financial modelling for a start-up Airbnb style platform related to the commercial property market; valuation required to assist in capital raising and approaching angel investors
  • Valuation of a data compression technology business; valuation required to assist in a potential transaction