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Other forensic experience

Other forensic matters

Other forensic engagements include the following areas:

Financial analysis & other evidence

  • Consulting Expert and Investigation Services. Family settlement. Reviewing the reasonableness of beneficiary loans, interpreting financial information, assessing the reasonableness of expenses, and identifying personal expenses relating to a property investment business and fashion business. For mediation.
  • Financial records analysis. Analysis of thousands of financial documents and the preparation of court documents substantiating a $500 m claim in relation to a large-scale construction project dispute.
  • Providing lead support to a multi-billion-dollar claim, including quantifying damages, decision tree analysis, project management, indemnity exposure assessment and consideration of experts. Commercial division of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

Discovery and submissions

  • E-discovery. Assisting in a dispute where over a million documents were discovered. Preparing those documents for an e-discovery platform and then searching for, analysing, and reviewing relevant documents for the legal team in relation to a large international Ponzi investment scheme.
  • Assistance in the preparation of submissions and other ad hoc advice in relation to a shareholder dispute for a conveyancing business

Asset ownership and personal injury

  • Ownership of asset dispute. Dispute over the ownership of related party assets. Reporting on the actual treatment of assets, what should have been the proper treatment and the implied ownership because of the transactions.
  • Personal injury claim. The plaintiff suffered an injury at work. Reviewed the settlement offer and tested the assumptions of the offer.

Insolvency and bankruptcy

  • Solvency investigation. Investigation into allegations of impropriety by a service provider to one of the world’s largest iron ore producers. Analysis of financial information to assess whether the service provider was solvent and to identify abnormalities.
  • Valuation of a national engineering business providing electrical and project management services to the mining industry specialising in screening and processing; expert report prepared for the trustee of the bankrupt estate

Fraud and investigations

  • Multi-million dollar building contract dispute. Investigation, review, and analysis of all payments made to and by the contractor, reconciliation of payments to the contracts and contract variations, invoices and quotes and identification of discrepancies.
  • Expert Report on alleged unauthorised million-dollar payments, transfers, and withdrawals relating to the unlawful use of the power of attorney. Supreme Court of Queensland.
  • Expert Report on the assessment of claims relating to alleged million-dollar unauthorised payments and the application of payments to acquire properties and pay loans. Cross examination, Supreme Court of Queensland.
  • Accounting fraud identification. Investigation into suspicions a bookkeeper might be misappropriating funds from the business. Procedures carried out to detect possible fraud and control weaknesses.
  • Theft of inventory. Calculating the loss of profit because of allegations of misappropriation of stock by a manager in a supermarket.


  • Negligent financial advice and loss of alternative investment opportunities. Allegation that the applicant, an investor, suffered loss due to poor valuation and investment advice from the financial advisor. The expert report provided quantified the lost alternative investment opportunities; report prepared for the Federal Court.
  • Negligence of duties. Negligence alleged because the defendant failed to provide the required security services at the time of a fire in the plaintiff’s show home. The provided expert report quantified the business interruption, lost house sales and loss of profit for a property developer; report prepared for the District Court of Western Australia.