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Family law matters

Family law matters

Family matters have included the following engagements:

Preparation of statement of assets and liabilities

Preparing an Expert Report setting out the assets and liabilities relating to $50+ million estate in a high-profile divorce settlement. The preparation of the report included identifying and preparing supporting documents for asset and liability valuations. Expert Report prepared for the Family Court of Western Australia.

Tracing of assets in relation to alleged misappropriation

Analysing and concluding on the trail of transactions in relation to an allegation of misappropriation of funds by the husband.

Financial investigation in relation to fund transfers

Reporting on evidence to support loans to the business payable to the husband. Reporting on sufficient evidence to show that the funds were taken by the husband from the business and if so, whether the funds were adequately accounted for and how the funds were spent.

Valuation report critique and reporting on loans and expenses

Critique of an independent valuation report of an importer and distribution business; in addition, reporting on the application of funds from a financing loan and the allocation of expenses and loans to related parties.  Report prepared for the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.


Valuations prepared in relation to family court matters include:

  • valuation of the husband’s income stream arising from a contract of sale of shares in a related company; Single expert appointment. Expert Report prepared for the Federal Circuit and Family Court
  • valuation of a husband’s extensive share portfolio valuation; the majority of the investments were held in thinly traded stocks with influential holdings; Expert Report prepared for the Family Court of Western Australia
  • valuation of the husband’s 50% stake in a real estate partnership providing buying, selling, renting and holiday leasing services; valuation report required to assist in settlement negotiations
  • valuation of the husband’s engineering consultancy business which provided support services primarily within road infrastructure; Expert Report prepared for the Federal Circuit Court
  • valuation of the husband’s cattle trucking business; Expert Report prepared for the Family Court

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