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Retail valuations

Retail valuations

A key focus on bricks and mortar retail valuations is the location of the store(s) and the lease agreement(s). Related retail valuation considerations include the terms of the lease agreement such as the renewal period and termination clauses, foot traffic and location outlook and development.

Other key retail valuation components include the supplier and supplier agreements and whether any exclusivity agreements, competitive advantage, product mix, customer market size and barriers to entry.

Retail valuation engagements have included:

  • valuation of a jewelry retailer; valuation required for matrimonial purposes
  • valuation of supermarkets; valuations required for banking finance purposes
  • valuation of a retail business for the Federal Court due to breach of sale agreement
  • valuation of a food wholesaler and retailer to assist partners in a dispute and allow the partner to exit the business
  • valuation report for a retail business provided to quantify damages due to a breach of a warranty in the sale agreement; report prepared for the Federal Court, Trade Practices